Why Am I Wearing Your Grandad’s Clothes?

Because I got these sick threads at my local second-hand store! Thrifting has a long list of super cool benefits, like allowing you to curate a super unique wardrobe full of different pieces from different decades, spending less than initial retail prices, and most importantly: helping out Mother Earth by shopping sustainably. Here at iwearyourgrandads.com, we’ll explore all the groovy ways we can preserve the environment and hopefully get you inspired to wear somebody’s grandad’s clothes too!

If you’re going to stick around for the ride, I guess I should introduce myself… My name is Makena Leyh, but Mak is cool too. I am a filmmaker based out of Vancouver, BC with a passion for all things that have been and what they could be. I have a deep love for the nostalgia from times that I wasn’t even alive for — from the crackle of vinyl records to the glam rock of the 70s — and a drive to ensure we’re able to stick around long enough on this big beautiful planet to let them all come back into style. Making earth groovy again isn’t a job that I can get done on my own, so tag along and together maybe we can save the world one fabulous ‘fit at a time.

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