How Do You Build This Thing?

Creating a website/blog is much more difficult than one might think, or at least what I thought! One of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered so far is successfully conveying the look and aesthetic of what I want the domain to have. Let’s take a look at some of the images I have put together for my vision board to get an idea of what we’re working with:

I really want to establish a fun retro kind of vibe, heavily influenced by the colours and styles of the 1970s, pairing nicely with the theme of shopping for old and second-hand items. Content wise, I’d love to make thrift shopping something that people could get excited about, and not only see the fun in it, but also how much of a positive impact it has on the environment. I keep learning every time I log on to further develop, so stay tuned to watch as this site grow into something totally groovy, man!

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