(Grammar) Check Me Out

Don’t you hate it when you write a fantastically persuasive essay, just to realize after submitting it that you made a spelling mitsake? Uh… I mean, mistake… whoops. That’s exactly what I have been trying to focus on lately: having correct spelling and grammar in my blog posts. I’d like to believe that I’m usually pretty good at keeping my written work properly formatted and proofread enough to make my high school English teacher proud (shoutout to Ms. Krzus), but accidents definitely can and will happen – I am human, you know! 

Having no spelling or grammatical errors in your content postings is important for various reasons, no matter how casual the language you use with your audience. For starters, it helps for your readers to take what you have to say more seriously, because typos don’t give off trustworthy vibes. Furthermore, if you are trying to get a point across but no one can understand what you are trying to say because there are grammatical errors in your explanation, you lose any and all power of what you have to say because it can’t be properly interpreted. If you guys can’t understand what I’m saying, then why should I even bother going to all this work to publish it? 

No matter how jumbled and messy my internal thoughts are, what I put out as content on my site should be neat and organized, but I definitely need some help to get to that point. To start, I’ll read over my typed out work in Google Docs, then use Docs’ built-in grammar/spell check as my second pair of digital eyes. If my work makes it past that step, then I’ll copy and paste that bad boy into writer.com, a free grammar check site that has never done me wrong… well, that might be an over-exaggeration. Writer.com is perhaps a little over-sensitive, and uses American English as opposed to my Canadian English writing. This just means I have to be on my toes and tell the site to chill out every time it thinks that my “colour” or “neighbour” has an extra “u,” but that’s easy! Copy and paste all that text one last time into my website and bingo, we have a properly proof-read post…I hope.

While playing around with WordPress and all the nifty tools that it has to offer, I stumbled upon a proof-reading plug-in claiming to solve all my grammatical woes with one quick installation. Naturally, I hit download on that sucker and gave it a go, but I’m not totally convinced on its efficiency. It takes a little longer to scan through my work than I’m used to, and it’s not that I have no patience, but with finals season coming around the bend here, I don’t exactly have time to sit and watch some AI judge my spelling at a speed comparable to molasses in winter. Not having to bounce back and forth through tabs of copy and pasting is nice, but I think I’ll just stick to my trusty writer.com.

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