Review: Midnight Stories

There’s always time for a story! For my fellow blogger, known as AKC on their domain, the perfect time for a story is in the middle of the night when they post their written works to Midnight Stories. Let’s take a look and review this whimsical website full of good reads at homepage, with title reading "midnight stories, there's always time for a story!" followed by three category boxes titled "home," "pub 101," and "collection." Two small icons of stick figure people inside of a circle can be found on each side of the page.

Midnight Stories’ visual aesthetic is quite simple, with a tri-tone colour palette of blue, white, and black. Are white and black considered colours, or are they shades? Doesn’t matter… any who, blue is known to be a calming colour which works well to create a chill atmosphere to read some late night poetry or short stories. Arguably, the simplicity of the site’s visuals adds to the audience’s reading experience by offering little to no distractions while getting lost in AKC’s writing. If I were to make a suggestion on how AKC could possibly improve how their website looks in an artistic sense, I would say maybe experiment with creating a less blocky theme as it takes away from the serenity that I feel Midnight Stories is trying to convey, while still keeping that effective simplicity. Finding and settling into your website’s aesthetic can be pretty tricky, which is what I’m going through right now too, so I completely relate!

An open book with waves flying out of the pages, above it there is a crescent moon surrounded by clouds and sparkles. This is all contained inside of a large circle with text below reading "Midnight Stories."

As for the written content of Midnight Stories, I can tell that the author is really quickly nailing down their writing style, and is quite consistent with how they format their articles. In their “about” section and in their process posts, AKC takes on the persona of a bubbly writer who is new to the whole blogging thing, and they lean into their uncomfortability with designing websites to come across as endearingly awkward and totally relatable. When writing their short stories and poetry for their collection, the author seems to shed their bashful persona and displays great professionalism and confidence in their work. It’s really neat to see this shift, and I personally love getting to read pieces that represent both sides of AKC.

Digital menu titled "accessibility toolbar," followed by categories titled "keyboard navigation," "disable animations," "contrast," "increase text," "decrease text," "readable font," "mark titles," and "highlight links & buttons."

Something I absolutely love about the blog Midnight Stories is the accessibility toolbar that has been made available at the left side of the screen. I think that having that small device on the side of your page is a super easy but effective way to make a website more accessible to a wide audience. I find it super inspiring and am looking into adding one to I Wear Your Grandad’s Clothes as I speak! Big shout out to AKC and Midnight Stories, and keep up the great work!

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