Review: Carol Ni’s Fashion Blog

Welcome back to another episode of, everyone’s favourite, peer reviews… I know, I know, it’s been a while. Today we are going to take some time to look at a fashion blog developed and run by Carol Ni:

Black text on a plain white background reading "Carol's blog," followed by 5 subcategories listed below reading: Home, Blog, Process posts, About me, and Contact.

Right away, upon first launching the website, it is clear to see that Carol has established a nice, clean aesthetic consisting mostly of black text that stands out on the white background throughout. The visual simplicity of the blog is actually kind of nice as it allows the viewers to really focus on the well thought out written posts that fill the feed. I think it could be really neat if Carol wanted to maybe continue to develop and expand on her website’s visuals, maybe by adding a pop of colour or some bolder fonts. Based on their current blog posts available in their feed, I can see that the author has a particular liking towards the luxury brand by designer Jimmy Choo. With that in mind, a swanky little idea I would like to pitch to our friend Carol Ni is to take inspiration from Jimmy Choo’s marketing, and glamorous aesthetic and create some visual aspects of the website that reflect that. The current website feels like a nice, blank canvas that presents lots of opportunity to play around with visuals and have some fun with getting creative!

A woman sits on a stone wall in the snow, dressed fashionably in ripped jeans, a fluffy coat, and scarf around her neck.

As for the website’s layout, there is a handy dandy toolbar at the top of the page that allows for quick navigation throughout the side into refined categories of posts such as blog posts and process posts. This is a nice touch that makes it easy for Carol’s audience to find exactly what they’re looking for when on her website. However, I did notice that the “Contact” button in the menu doesn’t seem to work, which I feel is an important part of having your users’ experiences go as smoothly as possible. Additionally, at the very bottom of the website I found some “LOREM IPSUM” text that seemed unfinished and maybe out of place, so perhaps that can be something Carol can polish up when she gets the chance. I’m throwing stones in a glass house over here, though, so maybe I should take my own advice above anything (don’t look at my “About” page… yikes!). I totally understand how difficult and overwhelming creating a website from scratch can be, and overall I think that has a really great base for what is shaping up to be an interesting fashion blog! Keep up the good work writing engaging posts, Carol, and I can’t wait to see where you decide to take the website in the future!

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